Chloe Knit Pant - Biscotti Speckle

Chloe Knit Pant - Biscotti Speckle

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Our Chloe Knit Pants are sure to be the most comfortable bottoms you’ve ever worn. Featuring a drop crotch and tapered leg, you can wear Chloe as a legging or a harem depending on your style. 

Biscotti Speckle has been our must have colour way of the season, sweetly neutral with flecks of colour. This is a great piece for mama's who want to match back with their Biscotti Speckle babies!



• 100% cotton yarn

• Made from natural fibres

• May slightly stretch with wear

• Will return to shape after washing

• Elasticated waist for an easy fit

• Rope waistband to pull them in further

• Store folded when not wearing